5 Alternatives to Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is an excellent device used to make homemade, delicious pizzas. A baking stone or pizza stone lets the hot oven retain the temperature, thereby producing a crisp hot pizza crust. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t own a pizza stone. For making pizza, one doesn’t always need to have a pizza stone. The 5 alternatives below would give you the same results as a pizza stone does. Some of them are extremely simple ones, being already present in your kitchen. Each one of these alternatives has its pros and cons and would bake the perfect bread or pizza of your choice with ease. Let’s see the descriptions of each one of them.


Baking steels 

Probably one of the best methods to bake bread or pizza is by using a steel baking surface. The steel is the perfect pizza baking material because it retains the heat for a long time and can withstand high temperatures. A high temperature is essential for the proper baking of the bread initially to get a delicious flavour. The steel also gains heat more quickly than a pizza stone. Also, maintaining it is very simple. Even if you don’t own a pizza baking slab of steel, you must purchase it as soon as possible. This is a very effective tool in making crisp hot pizzas. Additionally, the steel surface is large, offering you space to bake two pizzas at one time, thus making the process less time-consuming. As we all know, steel is durable. It’s almost indestructible. Not only does the baking steel withstand any amount of temperature but also don’t break if dropped on the ground. However, remember that you need to season them frequently to prevent rusting.

Dutch oven 

Especially for first-time bakers, the dutch oven makes the process of baking relatively easier. Using a dutch oven is the best way to prepare pizzas like professional chefs. The loaves of bread will bake uniformly and also have a thick hot crisp crust, adding further taste to the pizza. A thick soft crust is what we all crave for ultimately. In many ways, using a dutch oven is beneficial than using a pizza stone. The Dutch oven is made up of iron, which evenly distributes the heat on all sides, unlike the pizza stone which radiates heat only from the bottom, sometimes resulting in thin-crusted pizzas. Also, if you are not careful, the bottom of the loaf might burn excessively. Make sure you have preheated the oven for about 45 minutes before putting the bread inside it.



Generally, people don’t associate this tool for making bread or pizzas. But a Pyrex having a glass pot with a lid can be a helpful and effective alternative to a pizza stone. Similar to other tools, this too needs to be preheated. Pyrex is an affordable pizza making tool that is readily available in today’s market. So if you can’t afford the previously mentioned tools because they are a bit expensive, you can go for this one. This tool is transparent, allowing users to keep an eye on the bread baking inside. Hence, it makes users know when they have to take out the bread from the oven. This tool has air holes which allow the warm air to circulate, resulting in better baking, and formation of a thick golden brown bottom. The pyrex is equipped with flat, smooth rims which facilitates easy and safe grip. With all these excellent features, it makes for one of the best alternatives to make homemade pizzas.


Bread Cloche

In today’s market, you will get varieties of bread cloches. But the ones made of clay are most effective. A bread cloche has two parts, the dome, and the base. The base is covered with a lid, preventing the heat from escaping, just like the pyrex and the Dutch oven does. Hence, what comes out is a crisp, thick-crusted, evenly distributed pizza, which has a soft layer inside. The bread cloche is more advantageous than the Dutch oven because of its surface. The set up of this product is exactly the opposite of the Dutch oven. It has a thin base covered with a thick lid, which is just the contrary to the set up of the Dutch oven. As a result, the thin base allows users to load the bread easily, unlike the Dutch oven when scoring the bread becomes a bit difficult. The bread cloche having a thin bottom solves every difficulty. Similar to the dutch oven, you must preheat this equipment. Once it has reached the required temperature, put it inside the oven.


Bread mold or baking pan

Baking pan or a bread mold is another essential equipment that allows you not only to make pizzas but also sandwiches and other items. Bread mold is extremely similar to a cake mold except for the pan shape and angularity of the sides of the mold. There are quite a few interesting types of bread molds or baking pans available, which are made up of various materials like cast iron, ceramic, aluminum, etc. Prefer to buy the ones made up of ceramic or cast iron because they retain the temperature of the oven. All three materials are different based on their heat retention capability, heat distribution capability. These specifications determine how tasty would your pizza be.

These are the most effective and long-lasting pizza making tools, which are not only durable, but also serve you with your desired pizza, just as good as a pizza stone soup do. A hot grill and an inverted baking sheet are two other alternatives that you can prefer other than the above-mentioned ones. While searching for the right tools for making pizza, always go for quality and durability. You can search for them on any trusted online store. Before buying, go through the customer reviews and feedback section to know the quality of products they have been providing customers with.



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