10 Amazing Ways to Use a Pizza Cutter

If you have the habit of making pizza, then you must have a pizza cutter at home. It makes it really easy for you to cut the pizza into slices once it is out of the oven. But did you know that there are a lot more things that you can do with the help of a pizza cutter at home? This can save you a lot of time when you are using it for doing many other things in addition to pizza cutting.

Here is the list of 10 amazing ways to use a pizza cutter:

Pizza Cutter

1. Cutting Sandwiches: One of the very common foods that you make in the house is a sandwich. If you are having kids at home, then they will like it to be cut. In fact, if your kids are trying to avoid the sandwiches, you can cut them in different shapes with the help of the pizza cutter and serve them. You can even use it to cut away the crust of the sandwich bread.

2. Making noodles: If you have the habit of making noodles yourself at home, then this can be the best way to cut the noodles. You can spread the dough on the worktop and cut it with the help of the pizza cutter. You will be able to finish it faster and you will also be able to cut them in better shape when compared to cutting using a knife.

3. Cutting brownie: Once your brownie is cooled, you will have to cut it into slices to serve it. When compared to a knife, this is going to be one of the best ways to cut the brownie.

4. Chopping herbs: You can use herbs for making different dishes in the house. Cutting these herbs with a knife is definitely not a simple task. You will need something better to do the job and there cannot be anything better than a pizza cutter.

5. For cutting salad toppings: Another amazing way to use your pizza cutter is to use it for cutting the salad toppings. You can use a number of veggies and other ingredients in your salad, pizza cutter can be used for cutting the salad toppings.

6. Marshmallow maker: If you love to drink hot chocolate, then how can we miss the marshmallows. But it can be hard to cut the marshmallow in a regular and equal size. It is easy if you have a pizza cutter at home.

7. Fruit salad: It can be a bit tough for you to cut small fruits with a knife and it can be time-consuming to make a fruit salad. But with the help of a pizza cutter, you can cut almost all of your fruit into small pieces.

8. Quesadilla Slicer: Those yummy cheese-filled Quesadillas are just wonderful. But cutting them can be a tedious job as you can leave the knife with cheese string if you cut with a knife. But when you cut it with a pizza cutter, it is not at all damaged. Everything is cut clean and perfect using this method.

9. Cutting your biscuit dough: It is not going to be easy to cut the biscuit dough with a knife. The shape and size of the biscuits will be affected with the knife. But when you are using a pizza cutter, all the biscuits are even in size. That is possible because you just roll the cutter over the dough and you can do it more evenly.

10. Cut your ham: Whether it is thin ham steaks or any other recipe using the ham, using a pizza cutter can make it easy for you to glide easily through the cold and thick meat.

So, it is now time for you to try these amazing ways to use your simple pizza cutter for so many other things in the kitchen. In fact, you can use them in many other ways that are not listed above as well.

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