10 Best Pizza Cutter – Expert Reviews & Guide

There are so many different types and styles of pizza cutter that you may come across. If you are planning to find the right one then surely you are in the right place. Making the mouth-watering snack food like pizza may sound to be the tempting idea but you need to know that there are many things that you have to be careful about. Talking of which the pizza cutter that you would need when cutting the pizza is one such important thing. The beauty of pizza, of course, may look eye-catching even if it is cut well but for this, you need to have the right pizza cut slicer that can be of great use to you.

In today’s time, pizza cutter/ slicer have become talk of the town. Most of the people who often organize some event at home or say get together prefer keeping pizza ta home. It is delicious, can manage group at a time and is easy to make too. That is why, the demand for the slicer shave also increased. But most of us don’t really know how to make the right choice and for them this can be of great help.

Understanding The Purpose Of Pizza Cut Wheel

Pizza cut wheel also popular by the name of pizza cut slicer is one incredible kitchen tool that has gained importance because of the demand of home pizza that many people prefer eventually when it comes to cutting the pizza knife may not be the right option but the wheeler. You can now get your home-cooked pizza cut just the way chef and restaurant owner prefer cutting and serving to the customers.

This wheeler is not just designed for the pizza but also you can cut fudge and cookies as well. In pizza, there are different tipping like veggies and mushrooms with chicken and lives that may seem tempting but if you think of cutting it from random of the knife then you may not get the desired result rather the toppings may get spoilt and the perfect finishing that you see in the professional pizza may not be achieved. That is why you can consider the option of using this pizza cut wheel that can be a lifesaver option for you.

Another best part about such a pizza cutter is that it is compact and safe to be used over other random knives that you may think of using commonly. With so many popular options of specialized pizza knife available, pizza cutter still stands out to be the best one in the market and is surely the right choice that you can consider.

Best Buy Pizza Cutter Reviews

If you are planning to buy such type of pizza cutter for the first time and have no clue which all can be the right one that you can shortlist then surely, you are at the right place. Refer to the given below list of top 10 pizza slicer and make your search a lot more simple. The best part about the list given below is all of the products are quite trending in the market and surely is the most essential one that most of the customers prefer.

1. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Guard

Kitchy Pizza Cutter WheelKitchy Pizza Cutter WheelKitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

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This pizza cutter wheeler is an amazing product that you can add to your kitchen décor. It is designed by the top-notch quality from the professional experts who hold a good experience in this field. This wheeler comes with a design that ensures all those drawbacks that a traditional slicer had is covered rightly. It is compact and comes with better protection for your hands. With a better grip, this cutter lets you cut the pizza in a straightway. Thanks to a sleek design and great performance, you surely will not be disappointed if using this pizza cutter at all. That is not it! It has been designed with a better cleaning solution and is absolutely dishwasher safe and easy to clean which is why you shall not be disappointed in using this cutter at all.

Consider the usage of the customers in mind; this wheeler has been designed with a great blade guard. This ensures the maximum protection is given to the fingers when you use this wheeler. Since it does not require much of the maintenance and has super easy cutting technology, you can focus on making other delicious food in less time. All you have to do is slide it open and then close it by slicing it again. With easy installation and better results that can last for a long time, sure this pizza cutter is the right option you can think of choosing.

Things we like

  • It is easy to install and durable
  • It cuts off the pizza easily
  • The blade is super sharp
  • Thanks to its brilliant design your hand stays safe
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

Things We Don’t Like

  • There is a high risk for you to cut your finger on the blade when you try opening the guard of the blade

2. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade With Cover

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade

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This heavy-duty stainless steel wheeler with a blade is known for the sleek performance. So far, it has been trending the market due to incredible results which it has been providing to the customers. This cutter rocker is easy to maintain and comes with a dishwasher safe solution which is why whether it is the knife brownie pizzas pie tart or the cookie that you want to cut, this tool kit is impeccable. It surely has stood out to be a tough competition to other brands due to its sleek designs, great performance, and even the price. Now with this slicer, your frustration to cut the pizza while losing the toppings will come to an end. It gives clean and fast results because of the sleek pizza wheel.

Talking further about the sharp blades, they are designed in such a way that the slides get cut in the right manner with the help of toppings and the base without any problem. All you have to do is making the swift cuts and the slices are right in front of you. This cutter cocker sharper cover ensures your pizza cutter stays protected all the time. Being dishwasher safe, you don’t even have to be worried about cleaning it. The blade is designed in such a way that ensures slices are done easily without letting the toppings get off. Plus, there is a quality stainless steel construction which is why the cutter stays rust-free.

Things we liked

  • It is safe to operate and easy to store
  • It comes with long term warranty
  • it is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe
  • It can give you the option to chop, slice, mince, and scoop

Things we don’t like

  • You may need a buffer wheel for better cut
  • The cut shall work only if you use it on poly cutting board

3. KitchenAid KC113OHAQA Classic Pizza Wheel

KitchenAid KC113OHAQA Classic Pizza Wheel

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This aqua sky color based pizza wheel is another amazing wheel hat just works like a pro. You may find such type of roller cutter in most of the professional areas. There is a sharp blade on this pizza cutter that gives a clean cut and no topping falls off from the plate when using it. It is much better than any random knife and is designed to make sure the cut is done without any kind press. The blade is undoubtedly sharp but when you shall be using it, you don’t have to worry as it is made of premium stainless steel which is corrosion and rust resistant at the same time ensure the cut is done in much safe manner and wit better convenience too.

The wheel comes with a better handling solution too. That is why there are optimal comfort and better performance that you get when you handle it. When you get the pizza out of the oven and want to cut the pizza into small slices, you can use this wheeler as it has the guard which protects the finger because of the ergonomic handle design.

Things we liked

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It comes with a better warranty
  • You get super incredible performance
  • It has sleek design matching your home décor

Things we don’t like

  • It is quite pricey over the quality that has been used.
  • If you try to sharpen the blade the risk of damaging the surface is high

4. OXO Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter

OXO Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel

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This is the roller for all good times and is one incredible solution that you can come across. This wheeler and cutter are round in most of the pro chef resultants because of the amazing ergonomic handling style and the sleek performance providing blade with a design that can match your home décor. Be the pizza is made of crunchy thin crust or the slicing styling that has ample toppings loaded, you surely would find it much easy to use this type of wheel and cutter solution. There is a guard that is made of die-cast since protecting the fingers when you operate it.

Thanks to the handle that is made with soft yet non-slipping gripping solution, the pressure gets absorbed rightly and you can focus on cutting the pizza in a much better manner. The blade is made of stainless steel that ensures thick and thin crust. Besides, there is durable and extra protection that you get because of the guard which covers the blade in the right manner when you are not using it. It has a wide grip which is non-slippery and is quite convenient a comfortable to be used so that your wrist won’t get any kind of pressure.

Things we liked

  • It has a stainless steel blade
  • It is BPA free
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It comes with a lasting warranty
  • It is large with a better non-slip gripping solution

Things we don’t like

  • The risk of frustrating is high even if the cutter is stainless steel
  • The durability is not that good as you may notice

5. Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel Stainless Steel from Mozzbi

Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel

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Mozzbi Pizza cutter is another amazing product that you can shortlist for buying. It is not just an amazing bust is designed considering the risk that may occur. This is one such product that so far has got more positive reviews. Surely it has proved out to be a tough competition for many people and if you are planning to buy this one for your kitchen next time then surely you shall not be disappointed in using it all. Known for sleek performance and incredible styling that can match your home décor; this type of cutter wheel is surely the right option that you can consider choosing.

Mozzbi Pizza cutter has a unique design that ensures when you are using this cutter, your fingers don’t get hurt. Besides there is a stronger grip solution that lets you slice and cut well no matter what comes under the blade. The best part is whatever comes under this blade gets cut done nicely without any kind of drawback. It is easy to install and dissembling shall not be the problem. Being easy to maintain and clean you can use it for quite a long period.

Things we liked

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It has a Stainless steel blade
  • It is compact which is why can fit nicely in the kitchen drawer
  • It comes with non-slip ergonomic handle and grip
  • It has a flawless finishing

Things we don’t like

  • The sharp cuts may increase the chances of fingers to cut no matter how protective the guard is.
  • Even if it is dishwasher safe, you have to understand that you might want to clean it once before putting it in the dishwasher

6. Fred PIZZA BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

Fred PIZZA BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

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Rhode Island is a well-known brand that so far has introduced some of the top-notch product that has made the life of customer a lot simpler. Talking of which, the company with the top-notch artists has now come up with an amazing pizza cutter by the name of Fred PIZZA BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel. With a huge experience in the home and food industry, the company has managed to reach the heart of millions of customers and with this pizza, the wheel was another great addition to be a part of the family of many customers. It is a perfect blend of functions and needs with a great design that can match the home décor.

Talking about some of its popular products are the kitchen, tea diffuser, home, wine holder and mugs and glasses, Fred PIZZA BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel is one such perfect product that you can think of investing. It is best for your big pizza parties that surely will not disappoint you rather shall be a big helping hand for you. This pizza heel is designed with engineering-grade plastics and is quite tough and durable with the blade made of stainless steel which is why it is corrosion and rust-resistant too. The cutter comes with a shield that can be removed and cleaned up well.

Things we liked

  • It is easy to clean
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It is BPA free
  • It can be ideal for big pizza parties
  • It is safe and comfortable to operate and disassembling should not be the problem

Things we don’t like

  • It is small in size which may not fit well to the hands
  • Chances of toppings to get spoilt is high

7. The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

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This is one top-notch classic Italian tool which is quite amazing and being sold on a high scale in the market so far. This incredible tool is the most efficient pizza cutter which ensures your toppings don’t get wasted at all. It is dishwasher safe and easy to use. Being compact and convenient for disassembly too, this cutter can offer you better results in less period. Thanks to the better rotating solution, the cutter ensures the side to side cuts are neatly done without affecting your finger at all.

The best part about this cutter is that it comes with a shield that you can remove when you are not using it and clean it off and again put it as the guard of that your fingers in some kind of accident don’t get hurt. This cutter has a blade which is stainless steel and is corrosion and rust-resistant which is why you can use it for a long time. The plastic handle makes it quite comfortable for you to cut the pizza while the superior protective case ensures the cutter stays protected in the storage and can thus give lasting sharpness too.

Things we liked

  • It can cut the pizza into slices in less time without affecting the toppings
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It comes with lasting durability
  • It is compact which is why it can be stored easily
  • It is designed for better performance and safety

Things we don’t like

  • You may not like the quality
  • The sharpness of the blade is not as effective as it has been described

8. Winco PPC-4 811642000910 Winware Pizza Cutter 

Winco PPC-4 811642000910 Winware Pizza Cutter 

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This 4 inches blade comes with stainless steel and is extremely efficient and has a good handle too. This cutter is amazing since it has been manufactured by a well-known company which is into the market for quite a long time and has been keeping its beloved customers contended and happy all the time. Thanks to its wide range of features that you get, the restaurateurs and even the chefs ensure that cutting and slicing is done right. The quality food product doesn’t compromise with the results at all. Plus the food preparation becomes a lot simpler and you can enjoy a fine cooking experience and have a great pizza party with your friends.

Talking about this cutter, it is easy to clean and maintain. The best part is being dishwasher safe; you don’t have to risk your fingers getting cut at any point in time. Moving further, this blade can be used for a different purpose other than cutting pizza such as to cut the edge and lasagna as well

Things we like

  • It offers professional quality
  • It comes with better durability
  • It is easy to use and dishwasher safe too
  • It comes with a plastic handle for better gripping and better handling

Things we don’t like

  • Over quality, it is quite high in price

9. Home Hero Pizza Cutter

Home hero professional pizza cutter

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If you have a love for pizza but you often end up getting the wrong cutter that often spoils the toppings too then it is time for you to switch to a right cutter or buy the new one. Talking of which, you can consider the option of Home Hero Professional Pizza Cutter. This incredible cutter has been ruling the market and already became favorite of many customers because of the top-notch results and great cutting services which it has provided to the people so far. This cutter is extremely easy to handle and comes with easy handlings solution which is why you shall not have any problem with using it.

This cutter wheel is dishwasher safe which also ensures the pizza be it thick or thin gets well-cut. It also can cut cookies, pie, and waffles without any problem. Thanks to a stainless steel solution, this is an anti-rust product and comes with an angled blade that ensures the cutting is done rightly. There is also an ergonomic hanging hole which is why it has become a compact and space storage solution for you to be used in the future. The blades are also safest here is a built infringer technology with thumb guard solution for better protection.

Things we liked

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It is easy to disassemble
  • It comes with a lasting warranty
  • It offers protection to your fingers including the thumb
  • It can cut nicely without running the toppings
  • It has soft touching TPR handle
  • The cutting process is a hassle-free task

Things we don’t like

  • The blade is not that effective as you might be expected it to be

10. Pizza Cutter New Design by KoBzA 

Pizza Cutter New Design

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This sharp rock slicer has also become the talk of the town because of the incredible results and great cutting solutions that you get from it. Being a great pizza cutter and perfect wheel with a sleek design it surely can match your home décor. It is compact, light in weight and has the blades that are safe to be used. Thanks to its safe blades cover you don’t have to be worried about any damages that are likely to occur of the accidents. The grip of the handle is quite sturdy which is why your fingers and thumb don’t get affected at all. Be it the vegetables, pizza or even the cheese and fruits, you can cut them all without any problem. It is comfortable, convenient and worth the investment that you shall be made.

This stainless steel based blade comes with some easy to use technology. KoBzA is a well-known brand that has grabbed the attention of many people because of the amazing kitchen-friendly tools and kits that have been introduced in the market. With better sliding and cutting solution, this product surely comes with precise sizing and the weight is quite good enough for you to even handle without any kind of risk.

Things we liked

  • It is comfortable
  • It is compact
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel
  • It meets all the kitchen standards
  • The blades are sharpened and ready to use for immediate cutting
  • It has a handle to reduce the risk of fingers to get cut

Things we don’t like

  • Overprice, the quality is not that great
  • It may not be that effective as you might be expecting

Pizza Cutter Buying Guide – Features To Consider

Finally, if you have made up your mind to buy the right type of pizza cutter but not sure how to find the right tool that can be simple and effective then given below buying can be of great help to you. Since the market is all flooded with the top-notch pizza cutter from various brands, chances are high that you may not necessarily come across the reliable one which it claims to be. Here are some of the factors that you may want to consider when buying the pizza cutter.

Size is important: You must look around for the cutter which is not just too small or too huge It shoulder compact and quite convenient enough or you to store even in the storage box without any problem. The best option is to choose the one which can slice through the average pizza size.

  • User-Friendly Cutters: This should be another important thing that you need to consider. The cutters must come with the case to be covering it when you are not using them. This way the risk of fingers or thumb to get cut during an accident can be avoided. It is important to choose the cutter which is sharp enough to cut the pizza slices and is efficient too.
  • Convenient Handles: The pizza cutter handle has to be user-friendly. It is important to get the pizza cutter which can bear the pressure of the pizza when you cut it down. You must choose the handle which shall not feel much pressure when you plan to cut down the pizza. The material to be used for such a handle has to be sturdy and durable too.
  • Price: For any cutter that you may come across might look fancy. You may find it quite of good quality and the seller may give it to you claiming to be in warranty too. But sometimes, the risk of fraud can be high in such products. That is why look for the utter which is user-friendly and cost-friendly too. Some brands offer some of the top-notch quality cutters at great pricing. You just have to be a little patient when it comes to handling the research department. Once you find the right one within your budget, make sure you don’t delay it and buy the same right away.

Other than this size, material, durability, and design of the cutter are also important. Make sure the cutter that you choose is of fine construction and can go well with your kitchen décor. The design of the cutter must be in such a way that there are no gaps in the blades that may trap the food or spoil the toppings. Even the pies for which you shall be using the cutter must be efficient. Some cutters are available in rolling pizza design while some in rocking pizza designs which are quite simple in design.

How to Clean a Pizza Cutter?

A pizza cutter is a handy tool in every kitchen. Though it cuts pizzas effortlessly, cleaning of a pizza cutter is not that easy. Here are the steps to follow for cleaning a pizza cutter for the desired results.

Step 1:

If you don’t clean the pizza cutter just after cutting a pizza, the cheese will dry on the cutter, which may be difficult to clean. If that is the case, you can dip the pizza cutter in a bowl of soapy water for half an hour or more. In this process, the dried cheese will soften and allow you to clean that easily. Also, you can make sure not to keep the cutter in the water for a long time; otherwise, it may get rust.

Step 2:

Now, it is easy to clean the pizza cutter. Just take a sponge or soft cotton and scrub the cutter for cleaning. Hold the cutter at an angle to make sure the blade is not rotating. You should do this step carefully; otherwise, you may get injured by the blade.

Step 3:

Like the previous step, you can clean the other side of the blade by slowly rotating it to access the other side. In this step, you should make sure that both the sides of the blade are scrubbed perfectly.

Step 4:

Take a small piece of cotton cloth and insert it in the handle attachment. Usually, cleaning the inner part of the handle attachment is the toughest part of this entire process. You can keep inserting and removing the cotton cloth inside the handle attachment until the cloth that comes out is clean. If the cloth came out of the handle attachment is clean, then you can ensure that the inside of the handle attachment is cleaned.

Step 5:

If you didn’t get clean cotton out of the handle attachment in the previous step, then you can try this step. You can keep the pizza cutter in a water bowl and put a denture tablet in that. After that, you can leave it in that condition for some time. When you notice the tablet stops making bubbles, you can take the cutter out of the water.

Step 6:

Now, you can wash the cutter with clean water. After washing, conduct the cotton test as you did earlier. This time you must ensure that the cotton comes out of the handle attachment is clean.

Final Verdict

With so many cutters, that you might have come across and the list that gives you a better viewpoint of using them, you surely will wonder if the cutter that you have chosen is the right one or not. That is why don’t hesitate to take time. Always jump on the conclusion after a careful search, comparing the same. Your family and friends can also be of great help and advisors for you in this scenario. It is time for you to become a pro chef and surprise your friends with the restaurant type of pizza and get the best quality cutter at great pricing.

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