10 Best Pizza Dough Roller Docker – Expert Reviews & Guide

Pizza became popular post World War 2, when allied forces started enjoying various Italian foods. This was slowly developed to add in various other ingredients like cheese, mozzarella cheese and other stuffs which made pizza much more delicious. Preparation of pizza moved from Italy to various parts of the world especially the US. They welcomed pizza like their own dish and then they headed towards pizza delivery all around the country. People started exploring the pizza and started innovating in the preparation.

Preparation of Pizza is quite simple. It is the bread dough which is the base and then there toppings on it which with cheese it makes it delicious.It is then baked in the oven and the bread dough puffed up adding in finish to the Pizza. Cheese makes it more delicious. Cheese can be added or skipped based on your interests.

Preparation of the dough layer is very important. All the stuff as the toppings of the pizza sits on this layer and hence plays a very important roll. In the preparation of the dough the yeast is added.However, if the middle part of the pizza bulges then it is difficult to add in the toppings on to the Pizza.There is a specific tool used to make sure the whole Pizza does not puff up. This is the pizza dough roller docker. Purpose of this tool is very simple. This prevents the whole Pizza layer to puff up by simply adding poke on the dough before it is baked. We will be talking about this pizza dough roller docker. We will get to know more features of it and also see which kind of pizza docker really makes the difference.

With people able to load videos on to YouTube there are many videos that help you prepare pizza at home. Believe this pizza dough roller docker will be one of the important things which you can use to prepare pizza at home. Not only that, this can also be used by professionals to prepare pizza at their eateries. Without wasting much time let us dig into this.

1. Update International Stainless Steel Pizza Roller Docker

Update International Stainless Steel Pizza Roller Docker

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This Pizza roller docker is from the manufacturer called the Update International. I have come up with this product with the hope to give Pizza makers either at home or at restaurant best tool for them to use. This docker is around 8 inches in length and has two main parts. At one end is the handle and the other is he roller. The handle then runs into the plastic roller which has various pins. When you roll this roller onto the pizza dough it pokes the dough making sure it does not bulge all over the place on the base. If these depressions are not there on the pizza dough then the whole pizza base would rise when you bake it. Materials used in making this roller is food grade and also if maintained well hygienic. This product can be shipped anywhere across United-state and also to a very few selected countries.

Things We Liked

  • Very easy to use
  • The roller creates good depression on the pizza dough
  • Food grade quality product
  • Not too big not too small rolls pretty easily

Things We Did Not Like

  • Users found it to be noisy
  • Some stated poor quality

2. Ateco Dough Docker

Ateco Dough Docker

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This dough docker is a professional quality and has impressed the professionals. It is from the manufacturer Ateco which does what it says. Purpose of this docker is to create more depressions on the dough which in turn prevents the whole pizza base to rise when baked. This docker is completely made of plastic which is of high quality and food grade. This docker specially designed for the Pizza itself however it can also be used for other bases or dough that has to be baked.When you roll holding the handle of this roller it creates depression on the dough. This manufacturer has over hundred years of experience with all the generations into to baking and cooking business. This can also be used to prepare base for a pie. The handle of this docker is flat.This docker is completely white in color. Also has a hole which can be used to hang it in the kitchen.Product looks pretty professional.

Things We Liked

  • Good to look as it is completely white
  • Made of Food grade plastic
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wash

Things We Did Not Like

  • As it is made of plastic easily breakable
  • Users have found it to break very easily
  • The handle is too thin and when you use it looks fragile

3. Winco Stainless Steel Roller Docker

Winco Stainless Steel Roller Docker

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This roller docker for Pizza purposes from Winco is another product which is partially made of aluminum and remaining as plastic. This is usually used by professional bakers and is designed for heavy work. This product has aluminum handle which is designed for better grip while you use it on the pizza dough.This connects to a roller which is mounted on the aluminum roller holder.This holder connects the roller and handle with a bunch of nuts.You can tighten the nuts or loosen as per your requirement.You require the roller to roll smoothly then you have to loosen up the nut on the other side so that the roller gets that smoothness.The roller has been inserted with various pins and these are blunt and not sharp.These pins when rolled on the pizza dough create depressions which in turn make sure the dough does not rise up at these depressions. It also avoids air pockets within the pizza dough. Product is of food grade quality full stop these manufacturers started in the year 1992 and have been able to create a good depression the market.

Things We Liked

  • The handle is easy to hold and enables good grip
  • The roller is adjustable with rolling capacity
  • The product is of Food grade quality
  • This is mostly used by professional bakers

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some users found it difficult to store with the size of the roller

4. Orblue Dough Docker

Orblue Dough Docker

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This is the docker from the company Orblue has unique design. The product is completely made of plastic and this plastic is designed to give a lifetime of use. This roller docker has unique handle shape which will give additional pressure when rolling it over the pizza dough giving it deeper depressions.The handle goes straight and 45° angle which then has the roller holder which is above 6.3 inches wide and houses multiple rollers within the roller.This roller can also be used on thick pizza dough or pie dough.As the pins are long enough and can give depressions.As there is no specific distance between the multiple rollers falling in the same line the depressions are unique every time you roll it.The main purpose of having dough roller docker is to avoid rising of the dough completely.The depressions which are formed now will create multiple cups like formation when the dough is baked. This holds additional toppings when pizza is prepared.

Things We Liked

  • Unique shape gives it an edge in creating depressions on the pizza dough
  • Need of hard high Food grade plastic
  • Very easy to use and less pressure needs to be applied to create the depression

Things We Did Not Like

  • Poor quality as defined by the customer
  • Found the product broken after couple of use
  • Teeth or the pins broke easily

5. Pizzacraft Dough Docker

Pizzacraft Dough Docker

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This dough docker for pizza is a very unique one because it’s too cute to handle. The length of this roller is about 7.2 inches and wide about 2.4 inches.Starting with the handle the handle has a hole which can be used to hang this roller in the kitchen. Very neatly written Pizzacraft is available on the handle.Running down the handle has a single body and the roller holder. This holder has about 4 small individual rollers which have the pins which creates depression on the pizza dough. This roller has been designed for a small pizza as it is just small four small rollers with pins.This is made of high food grade quality plastic and is very easy to use.Once the dough is prepared and you want to start baking roll this roller on the dough so that these places where the depressions are there are no air pocket created and the dough does not rise near these depression.

Things We Liked

  • High food grade quality plastic used
  • This picture thick and Blunt So that they create good depression
  • Very easy to use

Things We Did Not Like

  • Suitable only for smaller pieces

6. SHANGPEIXUAN Dough Roller


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This is completely made of plastic and has unique design. This is specially designed to cause depression and also able to work on thick pizza dough or of that of pie. Older method without the roller, the fork was used to poke on the surface. This roller is very easy to handle.This is 8 inch long and 5 inch wide plastic roller.It can be easily hanged in kitchen shelf and has a hole for the same purpose. This forms as a user friendly kitchen utensil. Company also claims to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.The dough roller together has around 48 pins so it’s quite fast to create thee depressions on the dough.Handle runs into the dough roller holder which in turn has around it small rollers with about an inch off pins, all stacked together in a single line.It is a faster way to create these depressions on the pizza dough because there are so many spikes in the single roll can cause so many depressions.

Things What We Liked

  • Need of high grade food plastic
  • Roller has 48 Spikes and can create 48 depressions with single roll
  • Very useful utensil in the kitchen
  • It can also be gifted

Things Which We Did Not Like

  • Users termed this product to be of low quality

7. Meta-U Time-Saver Pizza Dough Roller Dock

Meta-U Time-Saver Pizza Dough Roller Dock

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Now you have the reason to put back the fork where it belongs. Unconventionally fork was been used to create the depressions on the pizza dough or to remove any blisters.With the introduction of Meta-Upizza dough rollerthe forkcan be put torest. As this is a roller it makes it easier to create those required depressions on the pizza dough.With numerous pricks available in this roller you can create multiple puncture in a single roll.And this works as a time saver.Especially when this is used in a restaurant it makes the baker save a lot of time.It can also be at home when you prepare pizza at home.Not just pizza you can also use itfor pastry,naan, flatbread, tart and pie. This product comes with buy 1 and gets 3 offer. This roller is completely made of food grade plastic. It has a hole in the handle to make it easy to hang it in the kitchen handle continuous and ends up with a roller holder which has 5 Mini rollers with pricks on it.

Things We Liked

  • Very easy to use and creates punctures very fast
  • Food grade plastic used
  • Time saver especially in the bakeries

Things we did not like

  • Users found it breakable very easily

8. Loveday Handle Roller Docker

Loveday Handle Roller Docker

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This roller from the manufacturer Loveday,I feel this is a unique one in design. It is made of three different materials. Wood, plastic,and steel.The handle is made of wood and has contours that make it easy to hold.Continuous use will give less stress your hand because of this feature. The handle then connects to do a roller holder which is made of stainless steel. Roller holder holds the roller which is made of plastic.This roller has pricks that are used to roll on the pizza dough which create depressions or punctures which in makes sure the dough does not rise up fully.All the materials used are of Highway Food grade quality. The roller is 5 inches in width and the pins are made of aluminium. The make of this products ensure that it does not retain any smell. These kinds of utensils have very small gaps hence it is very much possible that the food items get stuck in between these gaps making its smell and also sometimes toxic. It is designed in such a way that there are no such bigger gaps available for the food to stay and hence it is very easy to clean.

Things we liked

  • Easy to use
  • Made of high Food grade materials

Things we did not like

  • Search received defective product

9. AMPSEVEN Pizza Dough Tool

AMPSEVEN Pizza Dough Tool

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Ampseven has come up with this pizza dough roller docker which is similar to the previous one we have just looked. The handle of this is made of wood with contours which enables usage to be e less stressful.Continuous usage would not cause any stress on your hand.This is very much suitable for restaurant where Pizza is made regularly. Purpose of this utensil used is to make sure there are no bulge or rise up at unwanted places.The handle then connects to a roller holder which is made of stainless steel.Roller holder houses plastic Roller which has been inserted with numerous pins.When this roller is rolled on the pizza dough it creates numerous depressions or punctures making those air bubbles escape. The wood is used as a handle is tough enough and does not break easily.Roller is also smooth enough not making any noise.

Things We Liked

  • All food grade materials used
  • Save lot of time as there are numerous pins which causes puncture very easily
  • Handle made of wood makes it easy to roll

Things We Did Not Like

  • There are no things that we did not like

10. FIRSTKAY Time-Saver Pizza Dough Roller Docker

FIRSTKAY Time-Saver Pizza Dough Roller Docker

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This last product from FirstKay is also similar to the previous one that we spoke just now in the design. This pizza dough roller comes with wooden handle again with contours that make it stress less to use. Once the pizza dough is ready, roll over this roller over the pizza dough to remove all the air bubbles by applying punctures to it.The handle made of wood turns into the roller holder which in turn is connected to the plastic roller through two screws on either side.Plastic roller numerous pins that can cause puncture on the dough very easily and also fast. All those forks are put to rest. The roller is also easy to clean as it tends for food particles to get stuck in between these teeth and hence making it smell if not cleaned properly. Just use a dish washer and a brush to do the cleaning.

Things we liked

  • High quality product with food grade materials used
  • Rolls easily
  • Numerous pins causing holes faster

Things we did not like

  • There are no things not to like about

Pizza Dough Roller Docker Buying Guide – Things To Consider

This is one of the unique tools that help in making pizza to the best. In any dish there are few smaller tasks that make the dish as it needs to be. Skipping these smaller steps can cause big blunders. Such way is this product. It makes sure that the pizza base does not rise up completely. It also removes any air bubbles in between, if not removed would cause unevenly distributed surface. With this the toppings on the pizza also would not be held properly and the quantity also would drop. Now to choose this product from the market pace there are features we might want to look into. I will help you look into these features i a bit detail so that you understand which is the best product suitable for you and makes your selection process easier.


Handle of any product is important. That is because the make and the quality of handle make it easy for it to be operated or worked. There are multiple types of handles. Wood, Stainless steel and Aluminium. Select from the one that is best suited for the comfort of your hand. No one ca best tell which makes you comfortable during the usage.

Roller Pins

Roller pins are the part of the Pizza dough roller, which causes punctures on the dough. Using the roller with right kind of pressure can cause the desired output. Some of the products have the roller made of plastic and some other is metals. The work wise it will not make much difference, as both makes puncture. However deciding on this is more of the reason that how much pins are made. Plastic rollers can cause s little softer depressions. However this has no much significance.


There are also other reasons or features in a pizza roller that makes it compulsory to have. The materials used in the formation of this roller should all be made of the food grade quality. These grade materials are usually strong and also non-toxic.The roller also needs to roll smoothly not making any noise or should not have interruptions while rolling. So make sure the reviews are read before you take a decision if that is important feature for you to have.


This roller we spoke about for so long although looks to be a smaller product is of much significance in the pizza making process. Although there are alternates that are used to this roller like a fork, the job done by the designated tool gives the right results.

All the features we spoke about are mere efforts to help you find the product that best suits your requirement. I hope this has served this purpose.

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