Best Pizza Stones (For Oven & Grill) – Reviews & Buying guide

Pizzas are the most popular Italian dishes. With its popularity in the US and other countries, it has been innovated in many ways, but it still holds its origin to itself. People have been innovating pizza with the addition of various kinds of toppings to it. There are also various kinds of sauces that make pizza tastier and more innovative. Preparation of pizza in its origin was baking them in the brick ovens which gave a natural authentic taste. Nowadays, we have electric and portable pizza ovens at home. These portable ones are powered by the firewood which also gives the authentic taste of the pizza.

The main reason the pizza can taste good, other than the ingredients is the way it is baked. Pizza baked in a brick oven gives the best taste ever. However, nowadays having those ovens at home can be a little unrealistic. However, using the best pizza stones in these ovens can make a lot of difference. The thing about these pizza stones is they bake evenly and better. The simple logic in this is the stone is heated up prior to the baking. The heat on the stone is spread out evenly making sure the pizza dough receives the heat evenly and makes the crust crispier from outside and the pizza from inside stays softer.

Best Pizza Stone Reviews

There are different kinds of pizza stones that are available in the market and they are made of different materials. You get the pizza stones made of ceramic, cast iron, baking steel, rock sheet, and many other materials. In this section today, we will discuss and share the best pizza stones that are currently in the market. We will list out their features and also try and put together a buying guide to help you in your buying process.

1. Pentabeauty Rectangular Pizza stone

Pentabeauty Pizza stone
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This is one of the best pizza stones from Pentabeauty which is 12×15 inches in size. This pizza stone is made from tuff Cordierite material which gives a heavy-duty output. This pizza stone or also called the baking stone can be used for various purposes in an oven or also in the BBQ or Grill. The company boasts of its durability and is very confident in saying that it is crack proof. This stone is prepared with naturally formulated Cordierite which is molded under a pressure of 400 tons and hence been heated for more than 2100 degree F for over hours to make it the most sturdy stone available currently.

The feature of this pizza/baking stone is that it evenly distributes the heat all along with the stone which makes the baking process optimal. All the sogginess of the dough is absorbed by this stone and hence making the pizza crust very crispy. This is the similar feature one can find in the brick oven and hence this stone partially acts like a brick stone.

As the size of this stone is 12×15 inches it provides preparation of various size pizza very simple. Just prepare the dough, place it on the re-heated stone, and then add the topping. Not just pizza you can also prepare cookies, bread loaves, biscuits, and many more things on this stone. If you are a regular pizza maker then this pizza stone would be the right fit for your use.

You need to make sure you do not wash this stone using detergent, soap, or even water. Instead, it should be cleaned using a dry cloth.

Things we liked

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Non-cracking stone
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Large size enables to prepare different sizes of pizzas

Things we didn’t like

  • No handle with the pack
  • Not useful on grills

2. Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone
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This is the one that comes in the size of 14×16 inches. This is again prepared from Cordierite material making it a very sturdy pizza stone. These pizza stones are for a longer time and can be used for decades without any issues. This forms a one tie investment with zero maintenance or expenses later. As a stand or to provide a proper gap, there are some raised edges on the bottom of the stone that provides the provision to lift the stone.

The company claims that this pizza stone can prepare/bake pizza of the restaurant quality. That is because the stone evenly spreads the heat making the crust crisper. The evenly baking makes the pizza more delicious. This is a durable baking stone that is also non-cracking. This stone is also free of any lead contents. As the heat is completely absorbed by the stone there is no sogginess in the center of the pizza.

It is advised to keep the stone in the oven only when the oven is cold. If it is kept directly in the heated oven there are chances of the stone cracking. With regular usage, this stone might have some discoloration which is perfectly normal. Once the stone is placed into the oven make sure the oven is completely cold. The company advises never to bake stuff like cookies, and other kinds of stuff. The surface of the stone has pores and then later with these ingredients can be absorbed by the stone. Once fully kept can cause smoke.

Things we liked

  • Large in size making easier to prepare the pizza
  • Non-cracking surface

Things we didn’t like

  • Chemical smell faced during the usage

3. Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone
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Heritage comes with the black pizza stone for baking purposes. As it is black in color it takes twice the lesser time to preheat the stone. This pizza stone is made out of ceramic and the surface is very smooth. This allows easy removal of the pizza or other baking items from the baking stone. Usually, pizza is easily removable.

As mentioned, this is the black colored ceramic pizza that takes twice the lesser time to preheat the stone. Once kept you can change the temperature up to 1000 degrees and more and this ceramic stone can withstand that heat. The stone also does not give out any odor when preheated or heated for baking purposes. The company also claims to be the most loved one and the reviewed one in the Amazon. The stone is also durable and provides a life long guarantee of the product.

The stone is sized very big and hence it can be used to prepare pizza of at least 15 inches each. The company also claims to be providing the best-baked pizza with the usage of this stone. The stone makes sure the evenly spread out the heat and hence the preparation or the baking has in this stone can be much better. It can also be used over the grill. But you will not have the heat coming from the top for the stand to work better on the grill.

Things we liked

  • Completely black in color which makes it 2x times faster in getting heated
  • Smooth surface makes it easy to remove the pizza once baked

Things we did not like

  • Some customer received the product in a damaged state
  • Some customers complained of bad smell

4. Cast Elegance Round Pizza Stone

Cast Elegance Round Pizza Stone
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This is the round-shaped pizza stone that is made of Thermarite that is the engineered tuff Cordierite. This comes in two sizes. One is the 14 inches of the stone that is available and the one we are talking about is the 16-inch oven. Although there is no difference between the 2 stones, they are literally only differing in their sizes. The one we talking about lets you make the pizza of 16 inches each.

The Thermarite absorbs the moisture from the dough and hence makes the crust to be crispier than before.  This material also makes sure to retain the heat in a better way and hence making the baking process faster. The material can withstand high temperatures and cannot go in thermal shock. It is durable and high in strength. This stone can be used both on ovens and on grills.

This product is certified by various certifications in the US, European Union, Germany, and many countries. Hence it makes it a widely accepted product. The stone is also designed in such a way that it does not give out any bad smell or also smell of any burnt smoke.

This pizza stone also comes with a free recipe book with it to ensure you can enjoy baking various things using this pizza stone. There is also a scrapper given with this product to make sure the cleaning process is also faster and easier.

Things we liked

  • Comes in 2 sizes to choose from 14 and 16 inches
  • Comes with a scrapper and free recipe book
  • Bakes the crust crispier

Things we didn’t like

  • Did not retain heat as expected
  • Pizza dough stuck hard on the surface

5. Unicook Rectangular Ceramic Pizza Stone

Unicook Pizza Grilling Stone

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This is a heavy-duty ceramic pizza stone that is available in the market currently. Unicook is the company that has manufactured this product from the Cordierite stone and they are manufactured with extreme pressure and heat to make it a more durable stone for the pizza baking purposes.  The material content of this pizza stone is been approved by the FDA and also LFGB and hence it is safe for the food to be cooked on it. This does not give out any odor. You can heat it up to 1450 degrees F and also s highly thermal resistant.

The size of it is 14.9” by 11.8” inches. This makes it easier to be used on the Grill and BBQ grills. You just need to make sure you do not touch it with bare hands when handling it. The stone evenly distributes the heat and hence making the baking process faster and optimal. You will also be provided with a plastic scraper to make sure you are able to clean the stone much better with it. You need to make sure to use this scrapper only when the stone is cold. Else you will see the plastic scrapper melting off and there is nothing you can do about it later.

With the metal pans what happens is that there is a sogginess that is left out on the pizza base especially in the middle when it is cooked. But with these stone as the baking surface, due to the pores available on the surface, the moisture is released leaving the crust crispier.

Things we liked

  • Bigger pizza stone let you make a bigger pizzas
  • Durable and safe
  • Manufactured under various regulators making it easily trustable

Things we didn’t like

  • Easily cracked within weeks
  • Bad smell being experienced by the users

6. Rocksheat Rectangular Baking & Grilling Stone

Rocksheat Rectangular Baking & Grilling Stone

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This pizza stone from Rocksheat comes in the rectangular pizza stone which is made from Cordierite material and it is manufactured using all the certified materials by FDA. It does not contain any harmful chemicals while preparing it. It also means it does not give out any harmful smoke when used in the oven or on the Grill. There are various sizes that are available in the stone but this one is the 12 x 15 inches of dimensions.

With this stone, you are assured to have the restaurant taste pizza at home when baked on these pizza stones. Pizza stones retain the authentic pizza taste. This stone can be heated up to 1400-degree F and can withstand thermal shock. This stone has an innovative double-sided handle that can be used from any side. This stone also provides vast space for you to be able to bake the pizza, bread or any other item to be baked. The stone is burst to 2200-degree F kiln to make sit sturdy and high thermal resistance.

The best part about this is the optimal heating method due to its perfect thickness. It is not too thick to make it to heavy to handle or not too thin to overheat the stone.

Things We Liked

  • Good space on the stone to prepare pizza of the required size
  • Manufactured under high pressure making it more durable
  • Comes in various sizes to choose from

Things we didn’t like

  • Cracked after heat cleaning

Pizza Stone Buying Guide – Features To Consider

As mentioned in the initial introduction, we will also be putting down some points for you to work as a buying guide. The purpose of this is to help you understand what feature means what and help you in your buying decision.

The pizza stone is obviously an important product that can help you make the pizza tastier as it would resemble the authentic taste of the brick oven. Although this is not completely possible but is possible to some extent. Let us go through them now.

Make of the Stone

The most common material used to make this pizza stone is the Cordierite. This has been the approved or certified material by FDA and other certifications as this is used to prepare food. Look for the manufacturer who has not used any harmful chemicals as they would start smelling as you preheat it in the oven for baking purposes.  There are other materials like ceramic. Ceramic is also harmless materials and hence can be used for in the baking purpose. Just that ceramic can be a bit fragile when compared to the Cordierite. Hence take into consideration which material will be best suited for you. You will anyways also look for other features.

Size and Shape

Each pizza stone has a certain size and you need to see which one is the best use for you. If buying a bigger one can hectic for you if you are baking not so regularly then go for the smaller size. Having around or the rectangular one is also important. Rectangular ones can be an easy fit on the grill as they are usually rectangular in shape. Round ones help you prepare the dough in round shape itself easily. Rectangular ones sometimes are too clumsy as they get too large to fit in some ovens. Too bigger, either round or rectangular is also something you need to keep in mind while buying.

The other one is the thickness of the stone. Too thick can cause the stone to be heavy. Hence make sure you get the right thickness. It also helps regulate the heat on the stone and also bakes the pizza better.


Some stones come with a lifelong warranty that means the stones can get damaged. Hence you need to look into the durability of the stone. The durability of the stone can be determined with the process the stone was manufactured. If it was manufactured under high blood pressure and exposed to high heat then it would be of high durability. Look for the one that has been manufactured in this way to make sure you purchase the one with high strength ones. Also, look at the ones that can be exposed to the high temperature when you use it for baking.

How To Care For Your Pizza Stone?

Although pizza stone is sturdy and made to last long, they still need to be maintained the right way. You just cannot ignore its maintenance. Here we will quickly understand how do we take care of the pizza stones to avoid any harm coming to them.

When cooking pizza using a pizza stone, some people have the habit of applying olive oil on it to ensure the pizza stone is seasoned. However, this is not advisable. The reason is when you apply oil onto it, the tone being new will absorb the oil and will burn up causing smoke when heated during the baking process. Let the stone season with multiple pizzas being baked on it.

Firstly, after using the pizza stone, when it is still hot, do not put it in cold water as this might cause the stone to crack up. Any material for that matter, if it is subject to sudden increase or decrease in the temperature has very high chances of breaking or cracking. So, to clean the pizza stone let it cool down at room temperature, and then you can use water to clean it up further.

After the stone cools down, ensure you have scraped off all the food chunks or debris from the surface of the stone. If the food chunks are too strong to come out, then make sure to soak it in warm soapy water for some time. The issue here is that you might end up having the soap or the water content into the pores of the stone and you must heat the stone before you bake your next pizza on it. If you are not comfortable with this then you better do not use soap at all. Instead, wash it with warm water and get the food chunks out.

Another way to increase the life of the pizza stone is the storage of it. So where do you think you can store the pizza stone when not in use? We recommend the oven itself. This could be a very surprising one, but moving the pizza stone around for storage can be very risky. So, store it where it is required the most so that you can avoid any accidents due to its constant moving. The stone although it goes through immense heat, might get damaged pretty fast when it falls. Hence, we recommend the oven to be the best storage place.

Concluding Remarks

Pizza stones have been the most important ones to get the pizza better. There are also other factors to consider to make sure the pizza is prepared well and delicious. The oven used also matters a lot. The difference can be found when you are using a firewood oven or an electric oven. An electric oven can be less time consuming when compared to a firewood oven. If you are baking pizza somewhere outdoors then it is obvious to use a portable on with firewood power.

Baking is an important part of pizza making or sure. The right combination of the oven and the pizza stone can really matter a lot. Hence, we have also done a buying guide for the portable oven which you can refer to make sure you have the right combination.

This guide was put together taking into consideration pizza stone is an important part of the baking process. We have listed the 10 best ones we could figure out. We sincerely hope this buying guide was useful in helping you make your decision. Happy buying!

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