Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens – Reviews & Guide

Do you know what’s more satisfying than eating authentic pizzas with the taste of wood fire? It’s when you can cook a real Italian pizza! But it’s not easy, now, is it? Besides being a good chef with magical hands and the superpower to create an unforgettable flavor by mixing herbs, cheeses, and the delicious local produce, you need one other thing – the best outdoor wood fired pizza oven!

The best wood fired pizza oven as the name implies is an oven that uses wood as its source of energy. With the technological developments of today, there are many ready alternatives to using a wood fired oven for Pizza. These alternatives include convection ovens (uses fan and a cooling system) and conveyor ovens (uses gas or electric options) etc

It was not an easy decision to make considering the alternatives. The best decision is to always go for the one which has the biggest advantages among the available options. What makes the wood fired pizza oven stand out? The heat generated by a wood fired oven contributes to how it tastes. The wood fired oven cooks pretty quickly, and this is another strength that makes it a preference for users. 

Besides, cooking with a wood fired oven is time effective, especially for people who are short on time or who barely have excess time on their hands. Pizza cooked in less time comes with better nutrition and better taste. However, for whatever reasons you are using a wood fired oven for cooking Pizza, it will not be a choice that will be regretted. 

Wood fired ovens are a great choice for use by any home to make pizza and other meals. 

It is most convenient for outdoor gatherings and it can be used to cook a variety of dishes that are not pizza. Wood fired ovens have a certain ease to cook with, and it is especially good if you want the special flavored taste of pizza and other varieties. You cannot go wrong with it.

With the different wood fired pizza ovens available in the market, we understand it could be cumbersome to make a great choice. This article will help you make a great choice.

Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven Reviews

Whether you like to cook for your friends and family for Sunday al fresco brunches or to start your very own little pizzeria with open seating – an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is a must. While many cooks use regular ovens, they just can’t add the same oomph that a dedicated pizza oven does.

What many people do not know is that a good pizza oven can do a lot more than churning out delicious pizzas. It can roast, grill, bake, and create more culinary magic – right in your backyard, porch, or rooftop. But which is the best wood-fired pizza oven outdoor kitchens should have? Here’s our list!

1. KettlePizza Basic Wood Fired Pizza Oven

KettlePizza Basic
271 Reviews
KettlePizza Basic
1. Material: Stainless Steel
2. Temperature: Upto 900 Degrees
3. Weight: 6.93 lbs
4. Size: 18.5 Inches

This oven from KettlePizza is a unique looking one. The shape and the built of it are attractive in the first place. This is the domed shaped grill kind of oven that is really different to look. This oven runs on the charcoal or hardwood for heating up the oven. These are also known as kettle grills. The grill heats with from the bottom and then the heat goes on top and the dome deflects the heat from there which cooks the pizza. There is a thermometer in the oven that shows the temperature with which you can bake the pizza.

This product is made in USA products and also made from 304-grade stainless steel. There is also an aluminum pan that is provided to place and removes the pizza from the oven. On the sides that is a wooden handle that makes which you do not burn yourself while handling the oven. Although this is a grill in its original form, there is an additional sleeve in between that makes it works like an oven for the pizza. This oven does not only cook pizza but can also be used like a tandoor grill.

As this is powered by coal or hardwood, it gives a very classic taste of the oven-baked. No pizza tastes better than the firewood cooked pizza. The oven can heat up to 900-degree Fahrenheit. The oven also comes with a tripod kind of stand that has wheels on the hind 2 legs and the front one has a good grip. It makes it easy to move the oven.

Things We Liked:

  • Grill converted oven which can also be used to grill other food
  • Uses charcoal or hardwood to heat the oven makes it energy efficient

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Difficult to maintain the product
  • Product quality could have been better

2. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black

Napoli by Bertello
523 Reviews
Napoli by Bertello
1. Material: Stainless Steel
2. Temperature: Upto 900 Degrees
3. Weight: 29.3 lbs
4. Size: 12.5 Inches

Now, the last and the least, obviously on our list is this model of wood fired pizza by Bertello. As affordable as it is, it is made from highly durable materials, so be sure of efficiency as long as you make pizzas!

In addition to pizza making, you can also use this oven to cook a wide variety of foods, including meat, fish, vegetables and even dessert pizzas.  You can use charcoal, woods, pellets or a gas burner (sold separately) for authentic and tasty wood oven pizza.

This wood fire and gas outdoor pizza oven is extremely fun and addictive to use. It provides amazing tasty charcoal cooked, gas cooked, or wood fire results. You can never tell the difference when you use either coal or gas to cook- all tastes same and great! The Bertello Oven is lightweight and extremely portable, allowing you to take it with you to virtually any outdoor setting. 

You can also achieve that restaurant quality pizza results in your own backyard with this incredible oven! To ensure your pizza has that perfect crust, this model allows you to be able to cook at temperatures of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit (much hotter than your standard in house oven)!

A fascinating feature is that this oven doesn’t require any extra expertise before you start making your tasty backyard pizza. It is highly portable and compact. You can take this oven with you on your adventures or picnics, you wouldn’t even feel it is there. Also, it is affordable and less pricey-this oven is on the inexpensive side of the spectrum.

Things We Liked

  • Temperature control
  • Versatility
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive

Things We Did Not Like

  • If you desire using gas to cook over wood, then you’d have to get a separate gas to make your pizzas
  • Cooks too hot, so there are high tendencies that you might end up with burnt pizzas

3. Green Mountain Grilled Fired Pizza Oven

Green Mountain
658 Reviews
Green Mountain
1. Material: Stainless Steel
2. Temperature: Upto 800 Degrees
3. Weight: 33.4 lbs
4. Size: 20 Inches

This is one of the best choices out there. It comes with extra icings such as giving your pizza that extra flavor needed to make your cooking stand out. It does this by using a unique heat control system that goes directly to the stove. 

Green mountain grilled fired pizza oven works by raising the temperature of the oven to imitate a real wood pizza fire. The temperature is mainly set at 800°F. It comes with a temperature adjustment and it weighs just 33.4 pounds.

Its stainless steel housing chamber particularly fantastic for cooking your pizza fast. It does this through a certain heat generation process with a set temperature of 800°F.

Further,  it follows a very simple step by step installation. This makes it less cumbersome to fix. The parts needed to kickstart the oven are the grills, grease tray, heat shield of the pellet grill, base of the oven and firebox. 

Besides, this oven is made for your convenience. This is especially true when you combine the gain of easy installation and swift cooking. 

And you get more value for your money when you buy this oven as it comes with an extra pizza stone. The brand reputation for quality is remarkable as customers are satisfied with its performance. 

Things We Liked

  • Affordability
  • Diversity of benefits
  • Ease of use
  • The great flavor
  • Great warmth

Things We Did Not Like

  • Heat dissipation
  • Portability

4. Unfit Outdoor Accessory Traeger Stainless

Unifit Red Stag
180 Reviews
Unifit Red Stag
1. Material: Stainless Steel
2. Temperature: Upto 900 Degrees
3. Weight: 32 Pounds
4. Size: 14.6 Inches

This oven is famous for the measures made to make the oven heat efficient. The double-walled hood of the oven is efficient for holding heat. Although, it take some time before it heats up, when it eventually heats up, its terrific!

The oven cooks by being preheated, unlike some ovens. This means that there is a time lag between getting the heat up and using the Oven. The Oven comes with an extra pizza stone. 

This pizza oven is very efficient for regulating temperature in the oven, because of its design and the pizza stone it comes with. Also, it is built in such a way that the exterior and interior are tailored towards heat dissipation and control. 

Further, the accuracy with which the oven prepares a pizza and other meals are exceptional. Installation of this oven is easy with the sketch of the step by step process in the package.

Things We Liked

  • Temperature control
  • Design
  • Ease of installation
  • Accuracy

Things We Did Not Like

  • Lack of a manual
  • heavy-weight

5. Thor 32.5″ Wood Fired Artisan Pizza Oven

Thor 32.5 Inch Pizza Oven
89 Reviews
Thor 32.5 Inch Pizza Oven
1. Material: Stainless Steel
2. Temperature: Upto 800 Degrees
3. Weight: 220 lbs
4. Size: 32.5 Inches

This is a wood-fired stainless steel pizza oven or can also be used as a grill. This oven can be used indoors and outdoor. This one is semicircular from the front end, looks like a pipe that is cut in half from the length. You can bake the pizza on the pizza stone that is provided with the oven. The temperature can be regulated using the regulator provided with it. Construction of this pizza oven is of 430-grade stainless steel. The oven can heat from 100 to 800-degree Fahrenheit.

It has long Chimney which allows the excess heat and the smoke out. You can bake pizza of up to 25 inches. Pizza comes with rolling wheels so that it can be easily moved.

You can also use it outdoor as it is easily movable with the wheel provided with it. The ceiling makes sure heat is deflected and falls on the top of the pizza and is ensured the top of the pizza is also baked

Things We Liked

  • This one can also be used as a grill
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • A large pizza can be baked

Things We Did Not Like

  • The pizza stone is very thin
  • The instruction manual could be written better

6. ilFornino Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

ilFornino Professional Series
53 Reviews
ilFornino Professional Series
1. Material: Stainless Steel
2. Temperature: Upto 900 Degrees
3. Weight: 280 lbs
4. Size: 46 Inches

This is an oven that is made of thicker gauge stainless steel. It is really built and a bit larger when compared to the other ones we have just discussed. It is provided with wheels to make sure you can use it indoors and outdoors. The fuel used here is firewood. The lid in front of the oven has a handle made of stainless steel but is well insulated to make sure it does not heat up too much.  It has a temperature meter in front of the lid to show what is the heat of the oven.

This one is made of high-grade stainless steel images of 430 grade. It also has high insulation provided to keep your own outside cool enough for you to touch. It takes up to 22 minutes to preheat the oven.  Once preheated it takes a couple of minutes to bake the pizza. It also has a long chimney to let out the smoke and additional heat outside. The top of the oven is there with ceramic insulation so that it does not heat up on the outside of the body. It also ensures heat inside is retained and the top of the pizza is also baked proper. This is because the don’t deflect on the heat to the pizza. Additional wood fire can also be stored on the stand below.

Things We Liked

  • Heavy insulation makes sure that the heat is retained and keeps the user from being burned
  • The high-grade stainless steel is used
  • Powers with firewood

Things We Did Not Like

  • Too big and not very portable

All the above pizza ovens present some fabulous features. Using the best of modern design and technology, they bring you the most genuine taste of Italian pizzas. If you’re planning to start practicing your pizza skills, these ovens will help hone your skills. Who knows? You might start your very own pizzeria soon!

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Buying Guide

Now you are armed with the best outdoor wood-fired pizza oven reviews for your outdoor kitchen. So, it’s time for you to understand what features you should consider while buying a new wood-fired pizza oven in an outdoor arrangement. The factors to weigh are:

  • Portability
  • Size
  • Construction and material
  • Fuel other than wood
  • Price

Consider your own goals and provisions, as well, such as:

  • Space available: Where are you planning on placing the oven? Think of how much of a space constriction do you have.
  • Number of pizzas: How fast the pizza oven gets heated can affect the number of pizzas it makes within a given time.
  • Purpose: Consider if you’ll use the oven besides pizza-making, like grilling and roasting, if you are planning to take it on trips, etc.
  • Personal or commercial use: An all-purpose oven fits your home. But an eatery will need a faster and more specialized oven.
  • Budget: Consider your budget and look for the best combo of features within that range. Don’t forget to look for discounts.

Once you are able to match the best features to look for with your own targets and limitations, it will be easier for you to pick the best outdoor wood-fired pizza oven for yourself. It is the performance of the pizza oven that will matter most, of course, but the other factors are of equal importance.

This video below from  Chefsteps shows how to build your own wood-fired pizza oven from bricks


Wood fired pizza oven is remarkable for being efficient in cooking pizzas giving off a tastypizza flavor. Wood fired pizza oven is especially a top choice amongst ovens because of features such as heat dissipation, temperature control, warmth, etc.

Modern kitchens are going back to the basics to get the best of traditional cooking techniques. Adding a wood-fired pizza oven to an outdoor kitchen is no different. Modern pizza ovens are a perfect balance of classic and contemporary, with the best of design and technology to achieve traditional flavors.

They are smaller than brick ovens. Yet, by using wood (and often charcoal) as fuel, they infuse the authentic smokiness into every pizza – or any dish cooked in them! So, if you love cooking pizzas, it’s time to install a wood-fired oven in your outdoor kitchen – and become the talk of the neighborhood!

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