10 Best Wooden Pizza Peel 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

If you have a passion for cooking or if you are a professional cook, you might want to collect all the appliances needed in the kitchen for perfect dishes. If you love making pizzas, then a pizza peel is one such tool that allows making perfect pizzas which are of restaurant quality. Usually, in restaurants you get crispy crusts which are quite difficult to get at home. Most of the professionals prefer to bake pizza in a deck oven. For that transfer from the work area to an oven without damaging the pizza, a pizza peel comes into the picture. There are many types of pizza peels available in the market which might be of different lengths.

Also, pizza peels come in different materials like wood, metal, aluminum, etc. Wooden pizza peels are known to be one of the best for the purpose. In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 wooden pizza peels in 2020. If you are a first time user, then do not worry, we are providing a buying guide for you. Look at all the factors to consider and then start looking at the list to get the most out of it.

Best Buy Wooden Pizza Peel Reviews

Below we are listing the top 10 wooden pizza peels that are available in the market. So, let us get started.

1. Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

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Heritage is one of the most dedicated companies to provide high-quality culinary products. One of such amazing products is the pizza peel. As already mentioned, these pizza peels are made with top-notch wood material which is Acacia. They are durable and look elegant with unique colors and patterns. This pizza peel comes with a very convenient straight handle which you can hold with ease and can use the peel as a serving plate too. It not only looks appetizing but gives the restaurant look to your dish. The edge is perfectly thin to slide under the pizza and take it easily out. Also while putting it in the oven you can slide it to the stone comfortably. The pizza peel is ideal to make home pizzas with the perfect 22 inch by 14 inch size. The peel has perfect depth, not too thick or too thin. The wood on the pizza peel is of high quality and so it is smooth enough to slide the pizza on and off easily.

Things we liked

  • Made with high-quality Acacia wood
  • Smooth finish to slide on and off the pizza easily
  • Perfect size for making home pizzas
  • Easily held handle for serving purposes too

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people felt that the peel is a bit fragile

2. Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

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The most common problem that you observe with wooden pizza peels is the cheap wood material. Because of that, after some usage you might find cracks, warps or, splits on the peel which you do not want to witness. Thank the Pizza Royale company, their wood material is made from Bamboo which is reliable and doesn’t easily break or form cracks on the peel. The handle is a straight type which makes it easy to hold it and move around holding it. It gives the restaurant look for your pizza when you serve it. In addition to all these wonderful features, the pizza peel can be used as a platform for other baking goods as well. You can even cut bread or cheese and serve other items on this pizza peel. One more interesting aspect is that these pizza peels come with a 180-day guarantee.

Things we liked

  • Convenient handle
  • Multipurpose usage
  • High-quality bamboo material
  • 180-day guarantee

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing comes to mind

3. New Star Foodservice 50295 Wooden Pizza Peel

New Star Foodservice 50295 Wooden Pizza Peel

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If you want to look at customizable features for your pizza peel, then this next peel is a perfect one for you. It is available in various sizes, lengths, and even in both the rectangle and round shape. If you would wish to change the material, you can have it in aluminum also. With durable wooden material, you will be able to slide the peel under the pizza or pie without damaging the baking goods. You can even lift cakes, muffin pans, or any baking goods easily. The edge of the peel is wide and can accommodate an extra large-sized pie or pizza on the peel. The handle of the pizza peel is convenient to use and is a straight type which gives you the required grip for holding big pizzas too. You can easily clean it with water and soap. If you need other pizza-related utensils you can order them from this same brand.

Things we liked

  • Made with durable wooden material to slide on and off the pizza
  • The edge is wide and thin to easily accommodate big pizzas
  • Convenient handle
  • Available in different sizes, shapes, and materials

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people reviewed that there is a chemical odor when they opened the peel

4. Frederica Trading Premium Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel Paddle

Frederica Trading Premium Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel

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With perfect pizza peel size, Frederica is offering the best pizza paddle for customers. Excluding the handle, the actual pizza peel surface is 11.5 inch by 11.5 inch which is perfect for the standard sized pizzas. The edge thickness is precise, giving you the comfort of sliding the pizza easily without breaking, bending of the peel. You even have larger sized peels available in this brand. With a solid body, you never slip your pizza on the floor. With natural bamboo material, this peel is durable and never dissatisfy you with its quality or smoothness. The pizza peel is fully certified that it is non-toxic so you shouldn’t be worried about any chemicals. You can even use this pizza peel for lifting other baking goods, as a cutting plate, and even as serving utensils.

Things we liked

  • Multipurpose usage
  • Made of bamboo wood and is certified as non-toxic
  • Perfect sizes for large, extra-large pizzas
  • Strong material that doesn’t slip the pizza from hand

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people felt that the edge is a bit thick

5. Premium 36″ Wooden Pizza Peel

Premium 36 Wooden Pizza Peel

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This pizza peel is one of its kind for and is available in different handle sizes along with the peel sizes. You can select from the available handle sizes according to your oven measurements. The standard one is 22 inches. This peel has a special oblong shape. With a well-tapered design and a half-inch rubberwood, this pizza peel helps to slide the pizza in and out of the oven very easily.

Things we liked

  • Made with a tapered design and with a good edge to slide pizza perfectly
  • Available in different handle and peel sizes for you to choose
  • Made with an oblong shape

Things we didn’t like

  • Some people felt that the peel is splitting after some usage

6. Premium Bamboo Pizza Spatula Paddle Cutting Board Handle

Pizza Peel, Premium Bamboo Pizza Spatula Paddle Cutting Board

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Another high-quality wooden pizza peel is from the Lermx brand. With the hand made bamboo material, you get absolutely natural pizza peel material which is eco-friendly. Also, the peel is antimicrobial which is safe from all sorts of toxic materials. With a slight slope in the edge, you get a perfect sliding for the pizza. This is definitely an advantage. Also, the handle is also a little beveled, giving you comfort while holding the pizza peel. The size is 17 inches by 12 inches which is ideal for standard pizzas. Along with the slanting edge, the thickness of the edge is just half inch which makes it even convenient to slide the peel under a pizza. This avoids unnecessary damage to the pizza or pie while moving. You can slice your pizza directly on the peel and serve it as is which gives a restaurant feel to the guests and also it will be super hot having taken directly from the oven. You can also serve some small dishes on this peel. It can even be used as a cutting board to chop your vegetables. There is nothing better than a wooden chopping board. The handle is quite comfortable as said and you can give your kitchen an aesthetic appeal by hanging it in your kitchen using the comfortable hole in the handle. The washing of the pizza peel is easy with a little soap and warm water. In addition to all these amazing features, there is a 180-day replacement possibility. There is also a lifetime customer service feature which is cool.

Things we liked

  • Made with high-quality natural bamboo wood
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Perfect size peel with a good grip handle
  • 180-day replacement guarantee with lifetime customer service functionality

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing as such

7. Mountain Woods Brown Large Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

Mountain Woods Brown Large Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

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With a unique dark brown color, the next pizza peel is from mountain woods brand that are quite popular for their products. The size is 21.25 inches by 16 inches by 0.625 inches which is an ideal size for homemade pizzas. The superior wood material which is Acacia wood is used in making this beautiful wood pizza peel. Anyone would want to use a kitchen appliance and also show off the design. This serves the purpose too. With unique patterns from the acacia wood and a dark brown color, it looks aesthetic in your kitchen. The handle is of perfect length for not burning your hands and comfortable slide the pizza into the oven or take it out. You can directly use the same peel as serving tray from the oven to the serving table. In this way, it remains hot and gives a restaurant look. Not only this, the pizza peel can be used for other baking goods also for lifting and sliding purposes. Along with this, you can chop vegetables, cheese, bread, and even meat on this multipurpose peel without worrying about the material. You can also use the same peel for serving a few small dishes too. With the thickness that small, the pizza definitely slides over the peel with ease.

Things we liked

  • Can be used as a serving tray, cutting board and as a pizza peel
  • Good handle length to not burn your fingers
  • Perfect measurements for home pizza
  • Good thickness for easy sliding of the pizza

Things we didn’t like

  • Few users reviewed that the pizza peel is warped after usage

8. Winco 22-Inch Wooden Pizza Peel

Winco 22-Inch Wooden Pizza Peel

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The next pizza peel is from a reliable brand Winco. They provide a variety of household appliances. Their pizza peel is also one of the best to date. This pizza peel is made of wood and has a good 22-inch peel size ideal for standard sized pizza. The blade measures 12 inches by 14 inches. The peel is moderately thick making it a very good option to slide the peel under the pizza quite easily. And from the peel to the oven, the pizza slides most easily without breaking the crust. With a high-grade wooden material, you will be satisfied with the finish of the pizza peel. It smoothly slides the pizza without any cracks or breaks. The handle is quite a comfortable size to hold with a good grip. You might even serve the pizza on the same peel.

Things we liked

  • Made with high-quality durable wood
  • Comes with the perfect size for a home pizza
  • Comfortable handle with good grip

Things we didn’t like

  • Some users reviewed that the edge is thick and it would be convenient if it were slightly thinner

9. BambooWorx Pizza Peel, Premium Natural Bamboo Paddle

BambooWorx Pizza Peel

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Another great pizza peel used not only as pizza peel but also as a serving and cutting plate. You can serve cheese, bread, or small dishes on this peel perfectly. They even look delicious on the table. You can directly work on the dough on this pizza peel and put it in the oven conveniently. With a straight handle and good wooden material, this pizza peel is perfect for household usage. You can even use it daily and the material is so durable, you won’t regret buying it. The cleaning of the peel is also easy. You just need to use some soap and warm water. When it comes to the material, some might be afraid that the material might be coated with chemicals to give that polish look. However, this pizza peel is completely organic made with bamboo wood. The finish is made with 100% vegetable oil. This makes it completely safe to use.

Things we liked

  • Can be cleaned very easily
  • Made with 100% organic materials
  • Can be used as a serving plate, cutting board in addition to the pizza peel purpose
  • Convenient measurements for household purpose

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers feel that the edge is a bit thick to slide the pizza

10. F Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

F Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

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One of the finest wood materials available is the acacia wood. It is considered to be natural and has different colors and contrasts. This makes it eco friendly. Our last pizza peel is made of acacia wood which is durable. It is of round shape with a smooth edge giving you the convenience of easily moving your pizza in and out. A pizza of size 10 inches by 12 inches can be easily placed on this peel. The handle is quite comfortable to hold and the whole pizza paddle is very easy to clean. There is a hook for the handle which you can use to hang it anywhere in your kitchen allowing to properly dry and convenient to use.

Having made with wood, this pizza peel is 0.721 kg which is easy to carry. In addition to the perfect measurements, quality, and features, there is an additional advantage of this pizza peel. It can be used in multiple ways apart from the pizza peel part. You can use one of the sides as a cutting board to cut vegetables and the other side for pizza peel, serving pizza, or bread, or any other small dish. With an ideal handle size, serving on this peel looks great.

Things we liked

  • Made with durable acacia wood
  • Perfect handle size and measurements
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Comes with a hook to hang the pizza peel

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing as such

Wooden Pizza Peel Buying Guide – Things To Consider

If it is your first time that you are buying a pizza peel then some basic factors need to be considered. Below are the points that you can keep in mind before selecting the best one for your kitchen.

Size: The first factor to consider is the size of the pizza peel. It entirely depends on the pizza size that you usually intend to prepare. The standard size is 33-36 cms. If you wish to make larger pizzas, a larger peel is necessary. However, if you are a person who regularly makes pizzas with different sizes, then a larger peel might occupy more space in the oven. It is advisable to buy multiple peels of different sizes.

Shape: There are 2 types of pizza peel shapes available. One is the traditional rectangular peel. It is used by most of the cooks as it can hold wide pizzas. They are very good until cooked and can be lifted off them easily too. The second shape is a rounded one. This usually allows you to turn your pizza or bread easily and if you have to use a wood-fired oven, you can choose a round peel.

Length of the handle: One of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing a pizza peel is the handle length. Before finalizing the pizza peel handle length, you need to measure the depth of your oven. An ideal pizza peel handle length would be the one where the blade reaches the end of the oven and the user’s hand should be a little away from oven opening while still holding it. This ensures perfect measurements and avoids any accidents. Some handles are available as offset handles. Most of the handles are straight which are convenient for lifting peels with pizza dough. However, offset handles are safe to use and will not have the risk of brushing fingers with a hot oven.

Material: Pizza peels come in different materials. Wood is the most commonly used and is a traditional material for pizza peels. There are other materials as well that you might be interested in like steel, aluminum, metal, or composite types.

Other Features: Some pizza peels can come with additional features as well. Some have slicing lines on the peel which helps to slice your pizza perfectly with proper proportions. There are pizza boards available for the serving purpose which are similar to pizza peel but have shorter handle. If you have a pizza peel holder, it is of a great use to you to hand your peel after each use.

Wooden Pizza Peel Vs. Metal Pizza Peel: Which one to choose?

Having a perfect pizza base depends on many factors. And one of the most important things that make the crust unbearable is the pizza peel. It is essential to choose the pizza peel carefully in order to get the most crispy and delicious crust without actually working too hard. If you are a homeowner and missing the restaurant-like pizza, it is essential that you look for the best quality pizza peel for getting flawless results.

The two major types of pizza peels popular among the buyers are the wooden Pizza peel and the metal pizza peel. Both have their pros and cons, and that is what we are going to discuss here. So, if you are finding it difficult to choose the right pizza peel for yourself, then go through the section and find the perfect one for yourself.

We are going to compare the Wooden Pizza Peel and Metal Pizza Peel on different fronts. By going through these points, you will be able to decide the best pizza peel for yourself and get the tastiest pizza at home.

  • Usability

The first thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing a new pizza peel is usability. It is essential to choose a pizza peel that is easier to use and maintain. Comparatively, the wooden pizza peel is a better buy if you are looking forward to buying an easy to use and maintain pizza peel for yourself. The wooden pizza peel doesn’t stick to the dough and makes it easier for the users to make perfect pizzas at home.

IN other words, if you are looking forward to buy a peel that is easier to use and maintain, the wooden pizza peels would be the best choice to make.

  • Durability

Durability is another important aspect that you should consider while purchasing a new pizza peel. And when it comes to durability, the metal pizza peels are much more efficient and durable option than the wooden pizza peel.  The metal pizza peels last longer than the wooden peel. And if you are looking forward to having a reliable pizza peel that can last for years to come without any fail, the metal pizza peel would the worthy choice to make.

  • Performance

Another important thing to consider while purchasing a new pizza peel is the performance. So, comparing the metal and the wooden pizza peels, the latter one provides excellent usability and performance. Just make sure that you have prepared the wooden peel well before every use and you will get unmatched performance and usability from the wooden pizza peel.

  • Value for money

The last thing that you should consider while purchasing a new pizza peel is the value it provides. The wooden pizza peels are great for the users and provide better usability than the metal peels. So, if you are looking for better value for money and outstanding performance, the wooden pizza peels would be the better choice to make.


If you want a crispy crust pizza, a deck oven is a good choice which requires the pizza peel to transfer from the work area to the oven. Without the pizza peel, it is quite difficult to transfer without accidents or spoiling the shape of the pizza. So, if you are a frequent pizza maker, a pizza peel is an absolute appliance that you require at your home. This article has listed you the best wooden peels available in the market for 2020. Along with that a buying guide is also provided for your convenience. Feel free to check the guide, then the list and when you find the ideal one, you can click the link provided to check the images and reviews of the products. Based on that, purchase the one you are comfortable with and we are sure you will like the product.

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