Can You Use Pizza Cutter on Pizza Stone?

No matter you choose to order it or put labour in making it, a fresh pizza is one of the best pleasures of life. A hot pizza, freshly made having a thick and crisp crust, smelling slightly yeasty and filled with extra cheese and delicious toppings are lip-smacking and mouth-watering. Needless to say, for making a perfect mouth-watering pizza, you need to arrange a lot of ingredients and tools. For making the perfectly delicious tasty pizza, a pizza stone and pizza cutter are two essential equipment. If you think you will be able to do the job of cutting the slices with a knife, you are missing out on the benefits of using a pizza cutter

What are pizza cutter offers you are neater slices, easy cutting, and practicality. Cutting the pizza isn’t always easy. The tool might not be sharp enough to glide through the thick rust. In such cases, the pieces will be jagged ones and even worse, you might lose some cheese while trying to cut through the crust. Hence, if you are looking forward to knowing about how to use the pizza cutter on a pizza stone, read the entire article.

What is a pizza stone?

Needless to say, a pizza stone is one of the essential tools you have to use to prepare a pizza. The mechanism of this equipment is extremely simple: the baking stone, made up of stone retains high temperature inside the oven and distributes it evenly throughout the bread. Not only this results in uniform distribution of heat and better taste, but also makes the bottom of the bread soft yet crisp. If you haven’t used a pizza stone before, you could read our article how to use it properly for the first time.

Why should one use a pizza stone? 

The traditional grills and ovens aren’t equipped enough for making pizzas on them. Both cannot provide the bread with the high heat needed for the formation of a soft and crisp crust. Sometimes, pizzas prepared using ovens and grills became overcooked, destroying the flavor. Also, these heat sources were too slow in preparing a pizza. Also, the pizza that came out of them were soggy, which didn’t taste well at all. A pizza stone has especially been manufactured for baking pizzas. As we already stated, it transfers high temperatures evenly throughout the pizza. Also, it can hold the high heat inside the oven resulting in a uniformly cooked pizza, having a soft crust. Pizzas baked using a baking stone is never overcooked.

Now that you know the function of a pizza stone, let’s see how can you cut your finely baked pizza for final serving.

What is a pizza cutter?

It’s a circular or curved sharp-edged blade having a handle attached to it. It functions as cutting equipment used to neatly slice various items into pieces like brownies, pizzas, flatbread crusts, etc. Generally, pizza cutters are made up of steel but these days various other materials are also used to make it. Pizza cutters are mostly of two types: wheeled snd curved. Both serve the purpose of cutting the pizza cleanly involving minimum labor, without affecting the toppings. Not only can the pizza cutter be used for pizzas but also for many other interesting purposes (e.g. to dice and chop other varieties of vegetables too). After the food has been cut into pieces, this pizza cutter can be used to scoop food to collect snd transfer food pieces somewhere else.

Nowadays, pizza cutters have been made more efficient and have the following features, which lets you cut the pizza with ease.

Ensures smooth functioning: Not only does this pizza cutter is efficient enough to cut your hot, crisp pizza into pieces, without destroying the toppings, but also can cut vegetables, cheese, brownies, etc. easily.

High-quality product: Most pizza cutters are made up of 420 high carbon stainless steel. The product is made using solid, high standard steel. The handle sometimes us made up of steel, sometimes wood. Easy to wash and take care of, the modern pizza cutters ensure hygiene.

Perfect grip: The handles attached to the tool are constructed to allow users to use the tool perfectly. It fits into everyone’s hand and doesn’t lose its balance even if the surface is slick.

Various designs available: The blade of the cutter is made extremely sharp and uniquely designed to facilitate easy cutting. The blade is made to cut through heavy items with little effort. Using the modern pizza cutters, you can easily slice your hot pizza into 4 pieces in just a minute!

Safe to be used: You don’t have to go through tutorials to know how to use this pizza cutter. Hold both the handles of the pizza cutter using both hands and run it across the pizza. The handles are safe and have a specially designed casing, which prevents your fingers from being hurt.

Earlier, pizza wheels which were mostly used to cut the pizzas have major flaws in their basic design. This resulted is shabby slices. They were impractical and difficult to use and handle. They required unnecessary efforts to cut a pizza slice. Luckily, the modern pizza cutters have arrived in the market. Comprising of a long curved sharpened blade having handles, they are simple to handle. The handles are placed in two different ways. Some handles run through the length of the cutter while others are placed vertically on either side. For slicing the pizza into pieces, you only need to hold the handles tightly and push them straight, through the pizza. You need to put minimal force while doing so.

In this case, you don’t have to roll a wheel forward to cut through the pizza. With a single firm effort, you can easily snap through the thick crust, without damaging the toppings. No matter you have prepared a thick Neapolitan pizza or a chewy Sicilian one, your work will be done in a few minutes. Unlike the pizza wheel, pizza cutters don’t break. Also, they are made up of steel, so they don’t break too when dropped. As we already stated, they come in a variety of designs, these days engaging from aesthetic walnut handles to middle-aged weapons drawn on them.

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