How do you cook pizza on a pizza stone?

If you are using ready-made pizza bases, then there is no requirement to use a pizza stone. Nevertheless, there is way less taste when you are using the pre-cooked pizza bases that you can get in the stores.

Also, during times of crisis where the restaurants don’t function full-time, and takeaways aren’t always an option, some changes need to be made. To make a good pizza at home, you should learn how to use a pizza peel and how to cook pizza on a pizza stone.You don’t really need those huge wood-fired pizza ovens to get the delectable thin crunchy crust of good pizzas. It is more than enough if you have a decent pizza stone at your home. If not, read how to choose a good pizza stone.

The brick ovens that are fired by wooden sticks are mostly used to get the thin crust pizza. Also, it is not a very easy task to obtain very high temperatures via normal ovens. It requires almost 600 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. If you wish to get the temperature very high via the normal ovens just like how is it done with the wooden stick fired brick oven, then you need to increase the temperature of the pizza stone and cook pizza using it.

When you are using a pizza stone, you need to make use of pizza peel as well. These are the steps you need to follow one after the other in order to get the best thin crust pizza. The time needed to bake a pizza on a pizza stone is way less than  to bake a pizza on a pizza pan. It takes almost 40 minutes to get the right, cooked pizza when you use a pizza pan. However, you might not get the crunchy crust.

Using pizza dough to get the right crust 

As much as a pizza stone is required to get the best final output, you need to make use of the best materials for making the dough. One can find ready-made pizza doughs in the market as well, but it is better to use the dough that is hand-made using the ingredients you can buy from the stores.

Ingredients required to make pizza dough 

These are the ingredients that you need to make pizza dough.

  • Oil
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Virgin Olive oil
  • Bread Flour


  • You need to add some yeast to about ¼ cup of water and wait until it bubbles up.
  • Once the bubbling up process is done, you need to add some water to the yeast mixture and mix well.
  • The silted flour needs to be added to the mixture little by little and it needs to be kneaded well.
  • The virgin olive oil has to be added after the mixture has been kneaded well.
  • You need to keep the kneaded dough in the fridge for about 16 hours.
  • The dough should be risen well until you proceed. Once you take the dough out of the fridge, you just have to punch on the dough and check for the quality.

Procedures to make pizza on a pizza stone 

These are the step by step procedures you need to follow while you are trying to make pizza on a pizza stone.

  • Place the pizza stone on the bottom rack of your oven and preheat your oven to about 550 degrees. In this manner, the stone gets heated well.
  • You need to make use of a pizza peel in order to serve the pizza easily from the oven. Also it is much easier to pull the pizza slices from a pan or else you will have to cut the pizza into slices on the stone itself; and then pull the pizza slices one by one.
  • The pizza pan needs to be dusted with cornmeal so that the dough doesn’t get stuck to the pan. The dough needs to be cut into the correct amount(~size of a ball) and then rolled to fit in the size of the pizza pan. The edges need to be tapered a bit so that it easily slides in and out of the pizza pan and also the crust gets much thinner when the edges are tapered. You need to stretch the dough to the required size to make sure the crust is as thin as it could be.
  • Pizza sauce needs to be spread all over the pizza base. You can either buy this sauce from the shop or you can make it at home itself. Once the sauce is spread all over, you need to add some cheese slices on the pizza base and then add some more cheese cubes on to the pizza base. The pizza base needs to be topped with vegetables/meat or any other toppings as per your desire.
  • Once these toppings are added, then you need to add the seasoning ingredient all over your pizza.

You need to place all of this inside the oven and then shake it off back and forth in order to make sure that the crust doesn’t get stuck to the pizza pan bottom.

It is more than important not to add cornmeal way beyond the region where the pizza base has been stretched because when the flour gets burnt, it gives out the burnt smell.

You need to wait for a few minutes until the pizza settles down. It should not be too hot nor too cold.

The thin crust wood stick fired pizza is now ready to serve.

Tips to maintain the pizza stone and pan 

  • The pizza stone gets too hot, so it is advised to wait until the pizza stone cools down in order to avoid hurting your fingers.
  • Brush off the food particles with soap and brush. It is not advised to let the stone and pan soak in water for too long for the material is porous and can absorb the moisture easily and break off.
  • Once cleaned, the stone has to be pat dried or dried under hot air/sun, and then it could be used repeatedly.

These are the steps you need to follow to make pizza on a pizza stone. Also, the above-mentioned reasons are the factors behind using a pizza stone in pursuit of thin crust pizza.

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