Pizza Pan with Holes Vs No Holes: A Quick Comparison

The type of pizza cooking pan determines how the pizza will be. For different types of pizzas, there are different cooking pans available. So it is essential to include the right type of pizza pan to cook the pizza with your preferred texture.

In the market, you can get two major types of pizza pans namely, pizza pan with holes and pizza pan with no holes. Here you will get a quick comparison between them and decide which one will be perfect for you.

Pizza Pan with holes Vs no Holes

Surface types

The pizza pan with holes is also called as perforated pan. The pan includes several holes on the surface to distribute the heat equally to the pizza. So you can get a crusty and brown color pizza. The pan helps to cook the pizza evenly and reduces the moisture to make it crispy.

As the name, the pizza pan with no holes has no holes on the surface. So the pizza doesn’t get the airflow from the bottom which makes that softer and sloppy. People who prefer such pizzas should include this pan in their kitchen.

Types of material

The pizza pans with holes are made of aluminum and provide great durability. This material transfers the heat quickly and ensures the pizza is cooked evenly.

The pizza pans with no holes use thicker material in the construction which takes a long time to heat. So this type of pan cooks the pizza slowly. The pizza baked in this pan will be thicker and softer which will require more time for chewing.

Time needed for baking

The perforated pizza pan features faster heating and allows the pizza to be baked quickly. The holes allow airflow from the bottom which decreases the baking time.

The pizza pans with no holes take a long time to heat due to the thick surface. So the baking time of this pan is longer compared to the perforated pan.

Cleaning process

The cleaning of the pizza pans with holes is difficult compared to the pans without holes. The cheese, pizza sauces, etc. get stuck in the holes of the holed pans. So it requires more time and effort for cleaning this type of pan. You may need to clean the holes one by one with a needle or a toothpick.

The pans without holes are usually dishwasher safe so cleaning is effortless. You can directly put this pan in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Other points

The holed pans are not suitable for cutting the baked food on the pan itself. You can’t use this pan for other purposes apart from baking.

The pans without holes are multipurpose ones. You can use them for cooking other dishes also. As they have a solid and flat surface, you can also cut the pizzas in the pan.

Both of the cooking pans can fulfill the purpose but offer different textures. You can select the pan depending on your choice of pizza.


Both types of pans are excellent for baking pizzas. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages which you should consider while selecting the pizza pan.