Pizza Stone Vs Pizza Pan: A Quick Comparison

For cooking pizzas, there are two options available in the market; pizza stone and pizza pan. It is your wish, which option you will go with. Both can bake the pizza up to the optimum quality but the difference is the cooking process and type of pizza it makes.

To select the correct option for you, you should know about both options in detail. This article gives you a quick comparison between pizza stone and pizza pan which you can use to select the perfect cooking option for you.

Pizza Stone Vs Pizza Pan


Pizza stones are the round or rectangular stoneware that are used to place the pizzas in the oven for cooking. Most of the pizza stones are made of terra cotta. Pizza stones are available in several sizes and shapes and contain small pores on the surface that absorb the liquid from the pizza dough. The small pores also help in heating the pizza stone properly which helps in baking pizzas perfectly.

Pizza pans are usually round in shape and made of metals. Cast iron, aluminium or aluminized steel is used to make the pizza pans. Pizza pans can heat quickly and transfer the heat to the bottom of the dough evenly. Pizza pans lack in the pores so they can’t absorb the liquid from the pizza dough. A perforated pizza pan can fulfil the need of pores in the pizza pan.

Ease of baking

Baking a pizza with a pizza stone is difficult than with a pizza pan. You have to heat the stone in the oven before keeping the pizza dough on it. This requires extra baking skills so mostly high experienced or medium experienced experts prefer to cook pizza with a pizza stone. Pizza stones take a long time to heat so pizza baking with a pizza stone becomes a difficult task for the beginners.

Baking pizzas with the pizza pans is easier than the stones. You just need to prepare the dough and toppings on the pan and make it ready for baking. Then you can bake it effortlessly. It requires no extra skill so anyone can bake the pizza by following the recipe directions.

Different in pizza textures

People who prefer thick pizzas should use pizza stones which are perfect for baking the thick pizzas. Pizza stones can bake the thick pizzas wonderfully and enhance the taste of pizza. If you avoid the difficulty in the cooking process, you can get a tasty thick pizza with a pizza stone.

Pizza pans are perfect for baking thin pizzas. If you bake thin pizzas with the pizza pan, you can get the superb quality and taste.

If you bake a thick pizza with a pizza pan or a thin pizza with a pizza stone, you can notice the difference in taste and quality of pizza.

Cleaning process and storing options

Pizza stones are tough to clean compare to the pans. You have to be careful while cleaning the pizza stones because they have a rough surface and need extra effort to clean. You shouldn’t use detergents for the cleaning of pizza stones because the pores on them can absorb that. You should use a cloth or brush with simple water for the cleaning of pizza stones. The storing of pizza stones needs extra care as if dropped, they can break.

The cleaning of pizza pans is easier than pizza stones. Most pizza pans are dishwasher safe so easy to clean. You can store pizza pans as you store other dishes.


Pizza stones and pizza pans, both can give exceptional performance in baking pizzas. Pizza stones are difficult to handle in cooking as well as cleaning so only experienced people use them. However, a perforated pizza pan can work as an alternative of pizza stones for the inexperienced people. We hope this comparison between pizza stone and pizza pan will be helpful for you in selecting the perfect option for you.

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