Wooden Pizza Peel Vs Metal Pizza Peel: Which One is Good?

If you are a fan of pizza and like to prepare pizza regularly, then you might have heard of the pizza peel. To get that crispy, well-cooked pizza you need to transfer the pizza dough carefully to the pizza oven. This is where the pizza peel comes into the picture. It has a long handle and a flat paddle to put and take out the pizza from the oven without damaging the shape and protect your hands as well. There are 2 types of pizza peels mostly used – wooden and metal type. Let us look at each of these peels to know which one is more suitable for you.

Wooden Pizza Peel

Frederica Trading Premium Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel

From the name, it is quite obvious that the pizza peel made of wood material is wooden pizza peel. Most people like the looks of the wooden peel as they look more appealing and they stand out in an open kitchen. Wood has a rustic look and pizza on a wooden peel looks appetizing and goes well in parties. Also, the wooden peel does not allow the raw dough to stick on it. After washing the peel, it is better to air-dry the pizza peel. Do not directly cut the pizza on the wooden pizza peel. It might leave marks making it uneven. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of these wooden type peel.


  • Wooden pizza peels are much easier to grip as it has a wide handle making it easier to hold the peel with pizza.
  • When using pizza peels, you do not need to use pizza screens as the pizza can be laid directly on the peel.
  • When making pizza, it is possible to have a lot of oils and grease at the bottom. However, wooden pizza peels absorb the oils and allow you to serve the pizza without all the extra grease.
  • Wooden pizza peels are pretty and look really good in the kitchen.
  • The raw pizza dough does not stick on wooden pizza. Hence, you can assemble all the toppings on the peel directly without disturbing their placement.


  • Wooden pizza peels are usually very thick. This might make them difficult to use with some types of oven.
  • As the wooden pizza peels are thick, their head is also thick making it difficult to get them underneath the cooked pizza. Sometimes, the pizza might get displaced or accidentally deform due to this reason.
  • The wooden pizza peel is quite heavy and if you are a person making large pizzas, it might be difficult to hold the pizza peel.
  • Wooden pizza peels are pricier than the metal type.
  • Wooden pizza peels are not fireproof.

Metal Pizza Peel

Kitchen Supply 12-inch x 14-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel

Metal pizza peel is made of some kind of metal. However, aluminum is the most common material used for these peels. Although it does not have the looks of the wooden pizza peel, they are long-lasting and very easy to clean. There is no need to air-dry these peels after washing. These peels do not absorb to form odors or stains. Let us see the pros and cons of using this.


  • Metal pizza peels come in different sizes and have handles of different sizes. This makes it more customizable.
  • On the contrary to the wooden pizza peel, metal pizza peel has thinner paddles. This makes it really easy to slide the paddle under the pizza. Also, during the baking phase flipping is really easy.
  • Metal pizza peels are lighter to hold and this makes it a big advantage for people who cannot carry weights and for people who make large-size pizzas.
  • When it comes to price, the metal type peels are cheaper than the wooden ones.


  • The metal pizza peels do not absorb the grease or oil beneath the pizza and hence the bottom of the pizza might turn greasy
  • As the handles are also made of aluminum, it is quite difficult to get the proper grip and often feel slippery.
  • The handles are thin and often slip. This does not make you feel secure with handling the pizza.
  • As the metal pizza peels are often thin, they tend to break easier than the wooden ones.
  • The raw dough of the pizza might stick to the metal pizza peels.

Well, now we have mentioned all about the wooden and metal pizza peels. Based on your cooking style, the oven used, price, size of the pizza it all comes to you to decide the type you benefit from. Also, there is a varied range of models available in the market. You can try both the types and decide on which one you like the most.

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